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About Us


History of Valley Paving
Valley Paving, Inc. is a general contractor that is able to self-perform many aspects of the highway heavy industry. Our operations include; excavation, grading, tolerancing, profiling/milling, reclamation, bituminous paving, gravel/limestone mining, and hot mix asphalt production. We continue to challenge our self with an aggressive attitude towards being a leader within our industry. Starting in 1978, paving driveways and pathways, our goal has still remained the same today. To be able to look back at the end of each day and be proud of our work. A company can only be successful at this time if the entire team from managers down to the field personal all believe in achieving the best they can. We are proud to say that Valley Paving has many talented personnel that are willing to put in the extra effort to achieve a professional, high quality job. 


Sheldon G. Hayes Award - Highest Quality in Asphalt Paving 

Our premier achievement was in 1994, when Valley Paving earned the highest quality award on a national level for its work on Interstate 35E in Forest Lake to White Bear Lake.  The Sheldon G. Hayes Award, is determined through a two-year process of highway pavement projects using more than 50,000 tons of HMA are eligible for consideration. Initially they must win a Quality in Constuction (QIC) Award, which is determined by numerical scores given by pavement engineers at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) on the basis of how well the contractor met specifications and achieved density on the finished pavement. Valley Paving was the first contractor in the five state area to receive such an honor. Link to NAPA